Ants Innovate's mission is to create meat cuts sustainably without animal sacrifice, providing everyone with the complete meat eating experience.

OUR story



Product of Ants Innovate

18 years of precision tissue engineering 

We have our roots in the National University of Singapore and A*STAR

200 papers, 50 patents, 5 spin-offs, 1 IPO

High impact research with commercial track record 


We developed pig muscle cells that

can grow indefinitely

Generation of GMO-free pig muscle cells

World's first major public grant for

cultivated meats

Awarded Singapore -

New Zealand research grant


Product of Ants Innovate

Discovered a natural colouring mechanism in plants enabling meat-like colour and marbling in scaffolds

Patented novel scaffold technology for cell culture


First cultivated whole meat cut company in Southeast Asia

Ants Innovate spun off from A*STAR


Product of Ants Innovate

Using A*STAR tissue engineering technology to make food

Exclusive licensing of A*STAR patents

Tasty Chinese meat snacks that are healthy and delicious

Created our first meat snack prototype

Our technology would allow us to precisely recreate the structure and mouthfeel of meat cuts 

Tissue building block technology filed for IP protection