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OUR technology

Blending Nature and Technology

In our quest to create better and more sustainable meat, we have developed a plethora of technologies to precisely control the appearance, flavour and texture of cell and plant-based ingredients to make products that give you the complete meat eating experience!




With our technologies, we have created unique formulations of bases with simple processes

Appearance control
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Appearance Control

We have literally put two and two together by integrating our knowledge of food chemistry and biology, allowing us to control the appearance of our products with no artificial food colouring or additives. It’s 100% natural and a feast for your eyes.

Scalable Precision Texture Control

Combination of our novel micro-scale engineering and scalable precise imprinting technology, allows us to create complex meat cuts with alternative ingredients. These alternative meat cuts have the appearance, texture and mouthfeel just like conventional meat. Sink your teeth into our innovation and taste the fibrous goodness.

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Screenshot 2022-06-21 at 4.32.03 PM.png

Flavour Control

Using our understanding of the flavours and aromas of meat, we have designed a technology that allows us to extract the meaty flavours and aroma unique to each species, from their cells to create Cell Essence™. Add Cell Essence™ to any product, take a bite and experience the burst of meaty flavours and aroma.

Low-cost Scalable Cell Culture

With our years of experience in cell biology, we have developed our own immortal cell line and generated our own formulation of ingredients that allow these cells to grow at a low cost. Our research allows us to grow these cells in unique chambers to create alternative meat products that is accessible to the mass market. 

Automation Instrument

Using process and design engineering to create a system that seamlessly transform our functional ingredients into end products. Our automated technology is flexible and efficient in creating different meat alternatives using our simple functional ingredients and Cell Essence™.

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